OPTP PRO-ROLLER Soft Foam Roller – Blue 36″ x 6″ PSFR36B

The OPTP PRO-ROLLERTM Soft is a professional quality foam roller featuring a softer, comfortable compression. Its durable, closed-cell EVA foam technology is designed for heavy, repeated use.

The roller provides comfortable relief on gentle or tight areas during self-massage rolling. It also provides support for lying supine and performing a variety of exercises.

The rollers are easily cleaned using a disinfecting wipe, or a wet cloth with dishwashing or laundry detergent.

Color: Blue Marble

Professional quality foam roller with a softer, comfortable compression
Made of cross-linked, closed-cell, long lasting EVA foam
Roll out trigger points, knots and areas of increased muscle density
Soft for comfort during self-massage, durable for exercise
36″ L x 6″ diameter; Blue Marble

Price: $36.00 - $49.95

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