Homemade 3-Bean Cowboy Caviar | Anytime Fitness

Healthy food options are never guaranteed at parties so it’s always recommend to bring your own nutritious dish. It assures you and your friends will have something to nosh on and it’s a great way to share your favorite healthy foods with your friends and family!

Prepare to dance your best two step for this popular Cowboy Caviar! It’s super versatile – serve with a big bag of tortilla chips, enjoy as a great side salad, or devour it as a salsa on top of tacos or salads. The rainbow of colors and textures radiating from this salad spotlight its abundance of nutrients. Get this: each large serving gives you 70% of your Vitamin C, 16.4 grams of vegetarian protein, and 13 grams of dietary fiber. Now let’s get the party started!

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