Freezer-Friendly Veggie Pasta Bake | Anytime Fitness

We totally understand that it can feel almost impossible to get a healthy dinner on the table on school nights—let alone one that everyone in the family wants to eat. What’s the answer? The freezer! When you have healthy options for dinner ready to heat and eat, it is so much easier to get nourishing food on the table in a flash.

A lot of folks like to stock their freezers through marathon cooking sessions, and that’s great if you can fit that in. But if it feels too overwhelming, there’s another way to go about filling your freezer—one dish at a time. Next time you make your family’s favorite freezer-friendly dish, double it and put half in a freezer-safe container. Slowly, but surely, your freezer will fill up with dinners that your family love to eat, without much more work than you’d normally spend just to cook dinner.

This veggie-filled pasta bake is a great freezer-friendly, healthy recipe to get you started. It’s vegetarian—making it perfect for Meatless Monday—but still feels hearty and filling, thanks to the many veggies and healthy whole grains. It’s sure to please even the kids in your family. Who doesn’t love cheesy pasta?! Enjoy!

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