Everything You Need to Know About Working Out With a Plyo Box

Plyo boxes are a great way to increase intensity during your workout.

What Is a Plyo Box?

If you’re wondering to yourself, “what on earth is a plyo box?” have no fear, you aren’t alone, and you most likely have seen one in your gym. A plyo box is a large, sturdy box found in gyms that is designed to increase speed, power and coordination without requiring additional equipment. Plyo boxes are so versatile that you can spend an entire gym sesh using one and still get a full-body workout that hits on all the areas you’re working to strengthen or improve. Whether you’re doing lunges or pushups, the plyo box adds a level of resistance that powers your workout from tough to even tougher. Adding a box or step to your regular movements also helps promotes stability and endurance. 

What Does Plyo Mean?

So now you know what a plyo box is, but where does the name come from? The term plyo is derived from the word plyometric. Plyometric refers to the rapid expanding and contracting of muscles, or… jumping. However, not all exercises using the plyo box require jumping movements which makes this particular piece of equipment so versatile. While the box is designed for supporting jumping exercises, it can also double as a bench-like tool. Try dips or pushups from the plyo box and you’ll see what we mean when we say added intensity!

It’s Time To Give the Plyo Box a Try!

Want to get started on using the plyo box? We’ve got a great workout that will help start you off on the plyo box and take your workout to the next level! We’ve included pushups, planks, squats and more to give you a taste of all the ways the plyo box can make a big difference in exercises you are already comfortable with. There’s no need to try any super-challenging movements until you’ve mastered the box with familiar exercises.

Tips for Working Out With the Plyo Box

  • While leveling up your plyo workout, try staggering your hand placement and alternate positions on a push-up.
  • Elevate your feet to change the difficulty on exercises like planks, rows or split squats.
  • Jumps are fun, and explosive step ups are too! Boxes are a useful tool that will get your heart rate up quick!
  • Use your full foot when stepping onto a box and push through your heel.
  • Try subbing a box for most bench movements.
  • Don’t let the plyo box intimidate you! Definitely give it a try one out during your next workout and see what a difference it can make in your workout routine.
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