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Got a quick sec for a story about the army, getting fit, almost dying and then turning it all around?

Awesome. Grab a cup of joe or whatever it is that wets your whistle and pull up a chair…

This is a story of loss and redemption. How I had it all and lost it in a moment of stupidity. How I turned it around and became the person I wanted to be…. and how you can do it too.

When I was in high school I was a pathetic, zit ridden, mullet wearing metal head. I wore an Anthrax T shirt and a studded leather wrist band. Heck, I even rode my Kawasaki 125cc two stroke dirt bike to school. (manage to wipe out pretty bad in front of the smokers pit too when I hit power band going over a lip…another story).

Then one day I realized that I was not on the path to getting some lady action in any way, shape or form. I needed a change. I needed a new me.

I bought some ocean pacific shirts, cool jeans and doc marten shoes. YES, that was the cool kid clothes back then. I totally sold out and started listening to kriss kross, black box and Snow.

I started lifting weights, learned how to dance and joined the track team. I ended up dating the most beautiful, blond haired, roller blading, cut off jeans, half top wearing country girl you could ever imagine.

Now fast forward a bit. Location? A small town fishing village called North Sydney, Cape Breton. That’s an Island on the tip of Nova Scotia in Canada.

… I got a little too big for my britches. I decided that one night, after a few beers and what not, that it would be really cool to jump off a bridge. There was water down there, I just had no idea how much or how far a drop it was because it was really late at night and dark as hell.

Without getting myself into too much trouble, let’s just say the night went downhill from there.

Two days later, I woke up in the hospital. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me but they had given me penicillin as a ‘cure all’ and on top of whatever was going on in the first place, it turns out I’m allergic to penicillin.

The Doctors figure I caught some weird bug from the stagnant water I jumped into but they still don’t know. They took biopsy’s. They poked and prodded but no answers. After a couple of weeks of this… everything I had worked for was gone.

I was a wreck. I had lost all my muscle. I lost over 30 pounds of muscle and the nurses were having a hard time trying to figure out where to stick the needles for my I.V. I was a rack of bones.

A few friends visited me and I told them that if I come through this, I was going to do everything I ever wanted to. I would never again care what people thought and I would grab life by the horns and make it do what I wanted.

This could be long or short but you’re probably in a rush to get somewhere important to I’ll try to keep this on the short side..

The doctors still don’t know what made me sick initially. The doctors also don’t know why I my body pulled through it or how. They told me because my immune system was strong from all the previous training it put up a good fight. Thank god. I don’t use penicillin anymore. But lets talk about what happened next.

My self image was shattered at this point. I was a mere shadow of what I had been. Now I was so skinny that I didn’t even want to leave the house. I felt small, weak and pathetic. So I ate… Then I did a few pushups. Ate some more, um, then ate even more.

I was so disgusted with how I looked and felt there was no way I could go to a gym.

My Father was ex-military and always in awesome shape. I felt like such a loser.

Now if I didn’t want to go to the gym before, I REALLY didn’t want to go now that my family told me I was fat. People judge.

Little did I know but throughout time some of the most impressive and dangerous people on the planet have trained using only their bodyweight. Everyone from the Amazon women warriors of Africa to the Greek Spartans and now days, just about every elite special forces unit on the planet. How did I never know about this?

Slowly I began to put the pieces together by testing different cultures bodyweight movements and experimenting with the methods used by commando units from around the world. I pulled strength and flexibility pieces from the Yoga discipline in India and the conditioning techniques used by the major martial arts since the beginning of time. I discovered that ALL of the old time bodybuilders used bodyweight and basic gymnastic movements to develop those hard as rock physiques you see in black and white pictures. AND THEY DID IT WITHOUT SUPPLEMENTS, DRUGS OR FANCY EQUIPMENT.

Still Here? Awesome. By this point you can probably imagine what happened. I got in great shape, fast. My self confidence came back and I was feeling pretty great about things. That in itself would be something to be proud of.

But remember what I said to my ‘friends’ when I was in the hospital?

I was supposed to be grabbing life by the horns. I was supposed to be kicking ass and taking names. All I was doing is sitting there with a pretty physique but other than that… life was pretty much normal. I’m not knocking the sixpack or peaked biceps but I knew that since I had a second chance at this LIFE thing… I had better do it JUSTICE.

I needed to get out of this small town. I wanted to see things and have exciting experiences. I had no money to front the cash for a little jaunt around the world…. THE ARMY WAS THE ANSWER.

I rushed down and signed up. I went into the most serious bodyweight training I had ever done. I had only a couple of weeks to perform as good as I already looked.

Crap Sorry… This is getting long and I said I would keep it short.

Let’s go with the readers digest version here. I went through boot camp, won the ‘Most Physically Fit’ award and ‘Top Recruit’ award. Then went to Battle School for the Infantry and won ‘Most Physically Fit’ troop again. THE BODYWEIGHT TRAINING HAD WORKED.

I went to Battalion. I was with 2 PPCLI. I kept my head down and did my job but my training was attracting attention. Well, maybe it was the training or maybe it was the results from the training. At any rated, the snowball started growing one day when I was doing shoulder presses with the deuce and a half tailgate (it’s just a big army truck).

So there we were. A few of us doing pushups on Jerry Cans and chins off trees. At first, I just let people join in but then more people practically demanded that I show them how to train this way. If you’ve been a member of my coaching site or newsletter over the years, you know I’m a bit of a social… um ‘dunce’ and like to hermit myself away as much as possible. So all this attention was a bit overwhelming for me. So I started scratching out my methods in field pads as cheat notes in order to coach groups until the Bodyweight Bootcamp System came into a life of its own.

From those days and a bunch of other building circumstances came the task of creating a program for the members of anti-armour platoon when I was on tour in Bosnia. After my tour I got out of the army and what did I do? I personal trained a bit and went back to my routes. I started running BODYWEIGHT ONLY BOOT CAMPS.

With the recent popularity of Boot Camps and some favourable media attention that came my way, my Body Weight Boot Camps are running at full capacity with people registering months ahead now.

I CAN’T HIRE ANOTHER TRAINER. I tried. They just learn my shit and then take off and teach a shitty half assed version of my methods. I would rather spend my time showing people like you how to get wicked fast results then a trainer that will just rip off my methods and call them their own.

I’ve recorded these amazing training methods into a system of guerrilla videos filmed in my own basement as well as audios and written templates that will get you results fast. And I’m making them available ONLINE FOR A LIMITED TIME (then I will be shipping them via snail mail).

Talk to you soon.
Ray Burton

Questions were asked – answers were told…

Got some questions in my email from a subscriber yesterday asking about what exactly is in the commando program. Here’s the answers

Question: How long each day are the workouts?

RAY’S ANSWER: Could take anywhere from and hour down to 4 minutes depending on which workout combo or variation you do and how in shape you are. The better in shape you get the faster you go, unless you pick the hardest exercises and then it takes you longer… requiring more rest. It all depends.

Question: I love the weights but like you said I’m not seeing the gains I want, is this workout more cardio?

RAY’S ANSWER: It’s cardio if you are capable of doing the workouts quickly with no rest. If you pick the most challenging exercises and rest between sets it builds strength, power and flexibility.

Question: I am in pretty good shape but I do a lot and I’m not seeing the results I’d like!

RAY’S ANSWER: You may be doing TOO MUCH or not sleeping, eating or recovering adequately. Seeing results is just a matter of stressing the muscles and letting them recover. If there are no positive results then a part of the equation is missing – intensity or rest.

Question: Is this on video or just a book?

RAY’S ANSWER: It is a combo. There is a downloadable book, which I used to sell on amazon, and a series of workouts and exercise demonstrations done by yours truly (on video to watch online or download) to explain everything – it’s pure guerrilla video done in my basement. There is also a client session where I run them through a version of it and video it.

Your trainer and coach

Ray Burton
Buildingbodies Personal Training

P. S. Remember, this is breakthrough information!
It’s not rehashed, watered-down, theoretical, well-meaning fluff. No. I’ve filled every page with
from the field, tested, proven information that WORKS FAST
not five years ago, not last year, but right now, TODAY!

If you’re tired of working hard trying to change your body and not
seeing the results you deserve in return, order the legendary Commando Cardio for yourself today and reap the rewards. Your
satisfaction is guaranteed (check it out above).

P.S.S. – Let’s Be Blunt: If you pass on this offer
will you have the body you’ve always wanted 60 days from now?

I am absolutely certain that if you follow my plan to the letter, you will get in awesome shape in the shortest possible time. WITHOUT A SHRED OF A DOUBT, I will guarantee that my program will create the fastest, healthiest total body change that the human body can handle.

You have unlimited potential but in order you tap into that potential, you must take action. I’ve extended the hand… the rest is up to you.

What you helped me with the most would be my cardio. I cant believe how much better my lungs are and how much more flexible I feel… Matthew Waldner

Commando Bodyweight Training

Hey Ray,
Jojo and I went cave “splunking” yesterday….it included hiking up a mountain for 1/2 hour and then climbing through caves for 3…..we both admitted we couldn’t have, and wouldn’t have wanted to do it without boot camp… thanx to you…we survived it….. Jacquelyn Hofer
Commando Bodyweight Training

Just wanted to write a few things down about my bootcamp journey with Commando Cardio and Ray Burton. I started bootcamp 2 1/2 months ago and was very nervous as I had never attempted anything like this before in my 40 + years. I should also mention that I have moderate -severe chronic asthma. On the first night I could do 21 squats in 1 minute, couldn’t do a proper sit-up to save my life(but Ray started me out with crunches!), and maybe I could push through 10 female sit-ups. Another measure of my fitness, or lack there of was my ability to make it up the Edworthy hill in approx. 6 minutes with some help at the end. Now, I am proud to say, I can do 55 squats in 1 minute, 36 male push-ups in 1 minute and I made it up that hill yesterday in 3 min. 30 sec. without any help!!! I have lost 20 pounds and many inches. Still more to go, but what a great start! My cardio fitness isn’t where I want it to be, but I am able to run with the group for so much longer than before!

I am so thankful to have Ray as my leader through this journey. He is there along side all of us; and knows when to push and when to offer alternatives. He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He does all the exercises right along with us! That is such great motivation! What is also great is that no one gets left behind–ever; we perform as a group and with that group mentality comes so much needed encouragement when you don’t think you have it in you. Every single day at bootcamp is different so I never get bored. I am not sure how he comes up with all the different exercises, but I am glad that he does.

I have come so far in 2 1/2 months-I can’t wait to see where he will take me in months and years to come. It isn’t about the final destination, but about the journey. I walk straighter, have so much more confidence in all areas of my life because of this, and I have decreased my asthma medication by half.

I almost forgot to mention to you that when I was at the doctors for the biopsy, she looked over blood work that was done in February and recently and I have decreased precursors for stroke and type 1 diabetes. Yeah-I have chcanged the path of my life because of your help! Both are because of better diet, weight loss, and you baby!!! Commando Cardio Bootcamp works on many levels!

The hardest part of the whole journey was getting up the nerve to get off the couch. I’m not saying that bootcamp is easy, because it isn’t; but it is very rewarding to say the least!

“I went from 18% body fat to 11% and also increased my lean muscle mass and improved my conditioning. Thank you for the great plan, and for motivating me to get into shape!”- Dave Fafard

”By far some of the hardest work outs I have ever done but I did them and after one month I was doing mens push ups and chin ups with ease. Talk about getting into shape! This is the way to do it!”- Nancy McIntyre

”I recommend Ray as a trainer to everyone I know who’s serious about getting back in shape (I lost 17 pounds in 3 months… and I’m still losing weight!)” – Megan McElheran

This book had great information that helped me get back on track after spending many years just running. Now it’s a whole body experience for me.- Rodney Curtis

Ray Burton goes out of his way to bring you the best info he can. Best part is, his programs and tips are top notch. Whether you are a soldier, public servant, or just want to be in great shape, Ray Burton will help get you there. His advice is clear and concise. Follow his advice, and you are bound to gain the results that you are looking for.- Will Tarlton

A serious car accident left me unable to work for nine months. After being unable to do much for several months my body was starting to slip and I wasn’t healthy. Since training with Ray I have made dramatic improvements in several areas of my health. After my latest checkup I am no longer border line type 2 diabetic. My blood sugar levels are down from 6.3 to 5.7. My total cholesterol is down from 4.16 to 3.24 and my resting heart rate is now 61 from 73. My pants fit better after losing 21 pounds and now have the energy to do the things I enjoy. So thanks for everything Ray.- Simon

Click here to get Commando Conditioning For Fat Loss And Fitness at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Commando Conditioning For Fat Loss And Fitness is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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