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5 Ways to Positively Impact Your Holistic Well-Being Anytime, Anywhere

For many of us, this year has completely changed the way we live and while our fitness routines may have been altered or disrupted, there’s no need to put your health and fitness goals on pause. There are lots of ways that you can live a healthier life despite setbacks, big or small, and we’re sharing

The Secret to Stronger Water-Skiing

In the spirit of outdoor activity and putting the fun in fitness, here’s some great information and exercises that will improve your water-skiing. Prefer the colder cousin to water skiing, downhill skiing? No problem! This article focuses on strengthening your skiing skills and while we created it with water in mind, the tips are definitely

Train Like a Boxer with This Endurance Workout

Boxing has existed since the dawn of history, first introduced to the ancient Olympic games in the 7th century B.C. It is arguably the oldest sport, and includes some of the greatest athletes in the world: Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, just to name a few. The average boxing match only lasts twenty minutes,

The Risks and Rewards of Protein Bars

Are you always on the go? Between getting to work, the gym, and running whatever other errands you and your family have going on, it can certainly feel like it! Staying fueled for whatever lifestyle you have is really important, and if you’re rushing somewhere before or after your workout, thinking about protein matters, too.

Why Recovery Is Essential—And How to Do It

You’ll be happy to learn that rest days are an essential part of your fitness journey. That’s right, people! Get rid of the feeling of failure you have for not hitting the gym seven days a week. But if you think rest days are for laying completely perpendicular on the couch, think again. Taking a

What to Expect at Your First Spin Class

It’s important for people to get outside of their typical workout routine and try new things. So why not try an indoor cycling class? If you’re rolling your eyes—we get it, but hear us out. Cycling is a great way to combine cardio and muscle building, plus it’s a perfect low-impact option for those suffering from

15-Minute Rowing Workout Perfect for Beginners

Walk into any gym on any day of the week and you’ll see plenty of popular cardio machines being used: treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and even stair steppers. But why not the indoor rower? Is it because it’s always unoccupied that people see right through it? Or does it seem to scare first time—and even well-versed—gym-goers