5-Minute Dark Chocolate Cherry Snack Bites

We’re a big believer that there’s room in a healthy diet for sweet treats. In fact, treating yourself every now and then to foods you love is vital to maintaining a healthy diet. There are two solid methods for treating yourself healthfully – eat small portions of decadent foods infrequently and create healthy versions of your favorite treats that you can enjoy everyday. And, that’s exactly what we did with these dark chocolate cherry bites.

We have a special place in our food-loving soul for chocolate-covered cherries, but instead of mowing down a whole box, we brought some of those flavors into a super healthy, protein-packed, real ingredient snack food that’s great for everyday eating. These bites are a healthful way to treat yourself while still staying on track! The best part? These delish bites come together in about 5 minutes, making them a great option for when you’re short on time. 

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