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Nothing screams “FALL IS HERE” like the reintroduction of pumpkin flavored hot beverages at your favorite coffee shop. In fact, we are convinced (whether people want to admit it or not) that we look forward to the end of summer because it means pumpkin spice lattes and chai teas are on the menu.

Unfortunately, all we see when these seasonally appropriate beverages creep back onto menus is sugar, sugar, SUGAR. It’s true, specialty drinks such as these a known for being calorie bank busters. Take for example, several pumpkin-themed drinks from top coffee chains (we won’t name names)…

  • Pumpkin Ginger Latte (12oz, non-fat milk): 280 calories | 1.5g fat | 56g carbs | 51g sugar
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte (8oz, non-fat milk): 130 calories | 0g fat | 25g carbs | 24g sugar
  • Pumpkin Chai Latte (12oz, non-fat milk): 145 calories | 0g fat | 30g carbs | 29g sugar

*note differences in serving sizes

You see our point?

High sugar and sometimes high calories. And that’s with non-fat milk. Plus we looked at some of the ingredients and they didn’t even include real PUMPKIN!

You can do so much better. Making your own can be simple (and in this case better-for-you).

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