Kid-Friendly Banana Nutella Ice Cream

Did you know you can make “ice cream” with just frozen bananas?! Ok, yes, technically this means it’s not really ice cream. But you’ll be amazed (I sure was) at how similar the consistency is without any dairy, and how quickly it comes together. So when you’re itchin’ for a cool treat, but don’t want to set yourself back by consuming lots of sugar (or causing a little one to bounce off the walls!), try this recipe.

Even better: This banana Nutella ice cream is so simple to make it’s incredibly kid-friendly. The steps and ingredients are very few, making it a fun recipe to tackle together. It’s also easy to adjust. Your “ice cream” can consist of just the creamy, frozen bananas, but Nutella makes it tastier! As does peanut butter (a natural pairing) or your favorite frozen fruit. Have fun with it! Flavor and toppings are just suggestions; this is a recipe you can tweak to your own taste and calorie goals, and still enjoy.

Banana Nutella “Ice Cream”

Makes 4 servings


  • 6 Ripe bananas, peeled and frozen
  • 2 Tablespoons Nutella (or other flavoring, if desired)
  • Optional toppings (ie. sprinkles, chocolate chips)



  1. Break apart your ripe bananas into small pieces and drop into plastic baggies.
  2. Freeze bananas for at least two hours.
  3. Rigorously mix frozen banana pieces in a food processor.
  4. Keep mixing! Banana chucks will eventually turn into smooth consistency.
  5. Add flavoring and mix a bit more.
  6. Serve (with toppings as desired) and enjoy immediately!

Smaller pieces of frozen bananas are easier to mix. Regardless of size, you’ll still need to use a spatula to redistribute the mixture a few times throughout the process. And just when you think it won’t come together smoothly, mix a little more! It will.

Not a fan of Nutella? No problem! You can easily omit from the recipe and you’ll still have delicious “nice” cream, without.  You can also try swapping the hazelnut spread for peanut butter or almond butter instead.

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