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Learn How to Set Goals That Matter to You and Achieve Success

Think about the last big goal that you have reached in your lifetime. It could be a promotion, a personal best, or even a task that you were proud to complete. Think of how hard you worked to get there and how rewarding it felt to literally or figuratively check off that box. What did

A Race to the Top: How the Jacob’s Ladder Challenge Brought Two Strangers Together

There are all sorts of ways to meet a workout buddy – in the gym, outside of it, or even online. But what about a workout buddy that starts out as your competitor? That’s what happened to Megan and Bobby, two members of Anytime Fitness in Springdale, AR. It all started with a Mount Everest

How to Incorporate the Rower into Your Workout Routine

In and out of the gym, cardio work is a staple in most workout routines. Whether it is running, swimming, or any other form of cardio, everyone can agree on the positive effects of a consistent cardio routine. The list of benefits is lengthy but includes lower blood sugar levels, strengthens immune response, aids in

9 Easy And Better-For-You Dessert Recipes

We’re firm believers in the importance of having a balanced diet; a diet that’s filled with a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and the occasional sweet treat. Yes, friends, we really said that! There are plenty of ways to snack responsibly and in moderation that won’t derail you from reaching

12 Delicious Foods That Can Be Healthier Than You Think

We all know how important it is to eat a healthy diet filled with nutritious food. But making healthy choices can be a lot more complicated than it sounds! Sure, we know the basic information – choosing whole foods over processed foods, whole grains over white bread and pasta, low-fat dairy products over full-fat, avoiding

A Squat Rack or an Altar? It’s Both!

When most people imagine their wedding day, they’re dreaming of traditional venues such as a romantic church, an elegant barn, or a destination wedding on the beach. But not Frank and Crystal! For these two incredible AF members, they chose the special place where it all started—or we guess, restarted: the squat rack at their

How to Build Routines Even if They Haven’t Stuck in the Past

Have you ever planned to get up in the morning to start that new workout program but snooze the alarm to get a little extra shuteye? Maybe you plan to eat healthy this week but end up getting fast food and saying you’ll start next week? We have all been there, seriously. We have ideas